Ideologies of the LLF


Recently we became embroiled in a debate with a lower life form before we established that it became too demeaning to continue with one who lacked the cogency to put forth their opinion without berating us for not having the same bias as themselves. They then continued on berating us for not retaining an ideology indentifiable by the labels the LLF use to prevent any reasonable discourse on any given topic. The irony being they also lambasted other individuals for having an opposing bias to their own, unable to see that, this individual was patently biased themselves.
Ideology is the means by which one LLF hold sway over another LLF. They are akin to a club where one can feel comfortable with their belief system as every other member retains a similar belief system. And, moreover, one can entertain the notion of superiority over another who does not subscribe to their ideology. One mainly sees this in those who subscribe to the conservative ideology, which seems to attract the thickest of the LLF. While we recognize that conservatism does retain some merit, as a whole it does not labor to uplift society , thereby ensuring a continuance of an abundance of LLF upon the planet. Which is a constant of all ideologies.
One also sees in the differing ideologies, the lack of intellectualism in the proponents of said ideology. Many times it is "dumbed down" so the simpler of the LLF can reap some coherence from it, rather than scratch their heads and wonder what was presented. One who refers to an Ann Coulter or a Michael Moore in supporting their thesis, one knows that these are the types who have trouble reading or thinking beyond a mere high school level. Indeed, one sees a proliferation of such punditry in the publishing industry, O'Reilly, Limbaugh and Hannity on the right and the aforementioned Moore and Franken on the left. That there seems to be an abundance of those on the right seems to be a design of the publishing industry, which as any corporate dominated industry, seems to favor the conservative ideology.
In our estimation, what distinguishes one ideology from the next is how the LLF present their side in an argument. The left has a tedency to use logic, precedence, and facts, whilst the right has a tendency to use fear, stridency and pointing out one's opponent's bias (while remaining blissfully oblivious to their own). The right have a tendency not to not even set a place at the table for logic, and using logic upon them has no effect, as they appear immune to it.

Jet Skiing Across An Ocean Of Debt


In the world of the LLF, superiority is measured in two ways. The first measurement is the basest of all, physical strength and the will to inflict and impose harm upon others. Often brute strength is all a LLF has to raise their self-esteem. The other yardstick for superiority used by the LLF is financial. Material wealth alone is equated with superiority, even if one has committed crime to obtain it or inherited it through progenitors.
Physical strength can be obtained through hard work and training. Once one's mind has been steered down this course, it is relatively easy to maintain. The will to employ the physical strength is something altogether entirely. One must relinquish all societies deeply held held beliefs of acceptable behavior in order to do so. So, to the LLF, the ability to "kick" one's "ass" is an indication of superiority.
Another indicator among the LLF is the acquisition of wealth. Although one need not have ethics or morals to obtain wealth, nor even intelligence, the LLF place it on a higher plane than even physical strength, as capital can be used to purchase protection from those who would wield their strength against the weak but wealthy.
The LLF often times like to project the illusion of financial success, in order to sustain their belief that they are truly a SLF among their neighbors. This leaves them open to the world of easy credit, an enslavement tool of the capitalist system.
A true SLF does not spend more money than they have, nor do they wish to acquire things just to impress others. While one may be impressed with our collection of first edition books, we do not expect many people to be impressed with them and retain them only as an investment. And while we may have a mortgage for our domicile, we do not anticipate refinancing to gain money to pay off other debts.
The LLF lives in debt. Not only do they have car payments, mortgages and credit card(s), they also may charge accounts at many department stores. All for the sole purpose of obtaining material items to impress the other LLF. They then proceed to extend the limits of their credit until it tjhreatens to overwhelm them. Then what do they do? They refinance their homes at a higher value, giving them money to clean up the debts, plus a little on the side to, well, purchase more items! Of this is dependent on their house retaining it's value, which may have been a good idea if there weren't a housing bubble, not so smart, if one intends on reselling the house for a windfall. For there is a bubble,and once the bubble starts to deflate (as it already has begun to do in some markets) the house will not retain the new mortgage value, leaving LLF back where they started financially. And unable to pay off the new mortgage should they decide to sell.
But that's in the future, and the LLF lives in the moment! Their television sets show them so many wonderful things that will improve their lives, their drab dull workaday existences, so they need to escape. The material items are like a drug to them, they're addicted to easy credit and emulating people in soft drink and beer commmercials. Making the ultimate financial goal of the LLF to go jet skiing over an ocean of debt.

Racism: The Last Refuge of The LLF


One major distinguishing factor between the LLF and the SLF is the prevailing attitude towards those with racial history differing from their own. We are not of the opinion that racism is the exclusive province of the Caucasian human, they are merely more apt to act upon their enmity.
A SLF realizes that each race contains the potential to reach a prominent position in our society. In fact, in looking back, the past two Secretary of States for the United States have been of African-American descent, a remarkable accomplishment one must admit, even if one does not subscribe to their political philosophy.
The current capitalistic-masculinist system that operates our country needs an underclass of people kept in a state of perpetual economic distress in order to fill the positions in the society that while vital, are considered to be on the bottom rungs of the society. As our system is dominated by the Caucasian masculinist, it is much easier for them to assign this position to those of a different race in order to prevent any empathy with them in their plight for a better life.
African-Americans in this country are indeed being kept down by the "man" as they are wont to say. They are kept down by the environment in which they are raised. The streets in which they are raised are flooded with drugs. They are kept down by inferior public schooling systems. They are kept down by various social programs created out of liberal guilt, which strive to reward them for behavior that keeps them down.
The corporate entertainment industry also works to keep them down as well. One way they do such is to promote "rap" artists who celebrate the criminal, or "gangsta", lifestyle as a means for advancement. "Gansta Rap" also reflects the capitalist-masculinist system by reducing all men of color to "pimps", or entrepreneurs, and all females to "ho's/bitches", or mere objects for sexual gratification, as well as a source of income for the masculinist supreme. Any black entertainer who does not subscribe to this is referred to as not being "street", and therefore invalid as a member of his own race.
They are also being kept down by Judeo-Christian churches, which promise a better next life as a reward for having had to live such a hard life this time around. Prior to the terrorists attacks in this country, Islam was the fastest growing church in this country. Leaders like Louis Farrakhan used the church as a means of uplifting the whole community, unfortunately, this has vanished under the current war on Islam being fought now by the Judeo-Christian masculinists who seek means to keep all people of color under the repression of the capitalistic system.
But mostly, they are being kept down by the LLF, who can't seem to grasp that if there is a creator, (s)he has created all of us and the Judeo-Christian love pertains to people of color as well as undereducated masculinist Caucasians they also fail to grasp that they are projecting their own inferiority on to people because of economic or social status has left them at the bottom rung as well, and as SLF all know, the LLF strive to feel better than the next LLF, and if they have no material or spiritual ammunition, their last refuge is the color of their skin. Which is merely a product of fate.

Sexual Politics Of The LLF


One of the principal differences between the LLF and the SLF is the LLF proclivities towards sexual activities. We are not asexual prudes, and recognize the necessity for such endeavors. We just wield it with more respect.
Indeed, the LLF is baser with their handling of sexual activities. The only time they show any creativity is when they develop euphemisms for the act of sexual congress itself, knocking boots and bumping nasties being our two favorite examples.
The lower life forms have developed two distinctly opposite view points on their sexuality, masculinism, and feminism. Like the diametrically opposed capitalism and communism strive to control the means of production, the Masculinists and Feminists strive to control the means of reproduction.
Let us first examine the Masculinists. They feel that the act of sexual congress is strictly the domain of the male of the species, therefore they use any measure to gain control. They have established the church, which places the male lower life from at the head of the familial unit. They demand the female remain chaste and pure, saving herself for the eventual plundering by the newly betrothed on the evening of their wedding vows, even if they themselves have not.
Moreover, they also demand the decision of whether a female has the right to bear offspring, even if the child was conceived in instances of rape or incest. They use the church, and the fear of God to hold sway over the female LLF to keep her in what they perceive to be her rightful place. They have then translated this power to the legislature of their land to insure that the masculinist viewpoint is the dominant law of the land, and the state have the rights over the indivdual. A classic instance is the struggle by the masculinists to prevent homosexuals from expressing their desire to unite in legal matrimony.
The feminists, however, have decided that the individual is the one who has domain over their own body. While some have abandoned the patriarchal church for more sentient philosophies, some have merely mined the contradictions inherent in Christian Dogma to their own advantage, or twisted them to use against the patriarchy itself. This, we feel, is a stride towards becoming a SLF, therefore, we support it wholeheartedly! Once one realizes the malleability of the Scriptures, one can only reach the conclusion that it is fallible, and therefore not the work of a non-existant supreme being.
Presently, the two factions have been engaged in a struggle for supremacy as the prevalent school of thought for the LLF. Masculinism seems to be the dominant viewpoint, as it presents a solution where power remains with the more imbecilic and no change from dated mores need be engaged. However, we see more and more, feminism making inroads as those supressed by the patriarchy begin to stand for their own individual rights. Once again, homosexuals, once repressed for not fitting conventional masculinist stereotypical behavior, are demanding more and more rights denied them under the patriarchy. We can only hope this will cause the end of the Masculinist patriarchy that will aloow a mass evolution towards becoming superior life forms.

Acquiescing Power To The Lobbies


Politically speaking, many lower life forms will harangue on endlessly about their party predilection. Republicans this, or Democrats that, as if these two parties are independent of each other, or strive to serve the bidding of the hoi polloi. When one peels back the curtain, they find that both sides suckle at the teats of the lobbies, and have no interest whatsoever in those who have elected them to be representatives of their ideals.
The program works like this: the media, which is controlled by the same factions which control the legislature, create an issue that has been determined to be divisive. One party than stands for the issue, while the other takes the negative. The voter, afraid to have said issue resolved in a manner contrary to their beliefs in the methods of resolution, feel compelled to stick to, as it has become known to those who actually exercize their privilige, "the lesser of two evils".
This is the reason that no "hot button" issue is ever resolved, for once it is, the grip over the electorate is loosened enough for them to consider alternatives outside the realm of the two party system.
A prime example of this would be the ongoing war in Iraq. A majority of citizens of this country have decided it was a mistake, and troops should be evacuated as expediently as possible. Yet, in this election year, not one party has brought this up as an issue in their campaign. One side relies on hate mongering legislation that has no probability of passing, while the other party has chosen to ignore this very issue which stands before them as a chance to regain the power they crave. Why? Because the lobbies have already decided that this subject will not be broached lest the attack dogs of their media be unleashed and sicced upon them.
There is a reason that any endeavor to reform the nation's lobbying laws stalls in Congress, the lobbyist have all the power and they are not about to abandon it to the people whose revenues pay the salaries of the Congressperson in their pockets.Until there is a party of the people that refuses to kowtow to the lobbyists, this situation will continue. Maybe someday, the people will summon up the courage to take a step beyond the two party system to create their own party, but until that day, they shall remain blind to their own power.

The Inner Peace Of Dulled Knowledge


Enter any supermarket or grocery store and you will see it: The giant altar built to beer, disgusting macro-brewed filth aged with chemicals and flavored with the sweat of a hundred oppressed workers. All favored by Lower Life forms, not for the flavor and full body as advertising would have you believe, but the image purveyed to the drinker of himself by the advertiser.
Lower Life Forms spend the better part of their existence trying to alter their brain waves in a manner that will reduce their need to actually have to think. Whether it be through liquor, or beer, or drugs, both legal and illicit, the chief designation of one as a lower life form is the need and desire one has to alter their consciousness in some way on a daily basis.
Now we are not above an occaisional apertif, however, we don't not imbibe to the extent of slurred speech or staggered gait. And if we do choose an ale or beverage made of brewed hops, we tend to choose one that is not mass produced by breweries across the country. We much prefer the regional microbreweries, and their charming products, however, we do not drink them to excess.
Another form of Opiate preferred by lower life forms who do not partake of alcohol is the worship of some invisible deity, who is all powerful, yet can never seem to make the world any better with this immense power. These people embrace belief systems that require themselves to deny basic facts in exchange for inner peace of dulled knowledge. Which they then determine should be imposed on the rest of the society in order to lessen their burden of coping with such archaic belief strategies.
All lower life forms have a problem accepting what is, preferring to focus on what should never be. Unaware that all their attempts to make this world seem better are really cheap magic and parlor games that mask the painful truth of this existence.

If You Put It On Television, People Will Watch It


The lower life forms lost their souls when they suckled at the teat of the One Hundred channel cable provider. Observing cars driving in a circular motion wasn't enough to entertain these feeble minded miscreants, they had to find something less stimulating.
It all began back when they commenced broadcasting baseball contests. Once they hooked LLFs into watching a sport where the commercials had more potential for excitement, they could acquire their attention to watch anything. Golf and tennis were soon to follow, pursued by automobile racing.
Now they can even get the LLFs to watch poker matches. While any of these endeavors may be adequate for participating in, to examine these from the spectator perspective is folly. One might suspect that soon there wil be a paint drying channel, where one could watch a freshly painted room dry, or the lawn cam channel, where one could observe the grass growing on any number of lawns across the world.
LLFs never participate in much these days. Most of their experience is the shared experience of television. They sit on their couches, growing portly and complacent as the world passes them by. Until one day, when the combined results of too much unhealthy snacks and lack of excercise to circulate the blood lead to their demise. The only satisfaction they may attain at the time of their deaths is if it was on television, they probably didn't miss it.

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